FolkLure’13 Part V: The Top 10 Albums of 2013

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FolkLure’13, Part IV: The Top 50 Albums of 2013–#30-11

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The Year In Music, 2013

Another year, another exasperated roundup of musical such & such. Each year, I try to extend this list in some way to give myself further challenge (by way of further frustration). Beyond the challenge of this being my longest singular project to-date, I’ve also never considered writing blurbs—or any sort of shortform—to be a strong suit of mine, so this forces me to work on that a little. As a result, these lists become not only my most informal writing on record, but also my most poorly edited, and, well, all-around worst. The sheer volume of releases to sum up leads me to jot down half-formed ideas with minimal space to elaborate, but I guess that’s the fun of it? Knowing that the music mags/sites/what-have-you utilize dozens of writers to prepare their year-end lists gives me some sort of solace—at the end of the day, I feel accomplished simply for having had this much to say. Read, skim, enjoy, loathe, comment, reprimand, agree, disagree, yell at me or otherwise—let’s just talk about some fucking music. — RR


Part I: The Top 10 Songs of 2013 & Most Anticipated Albums of 2014
Part II: The Top 5 EPs & “Bottom” 10 Albums of 2013
Part III: The Top 50 Albums of 2013—Honorable Mentions & #50-31
Part IV: The Top 50 Albums of 2013—#30-11
Part V: The Top 10 Albums of 2013

Oberhofer’s Notalgia EP


Here we have a review that was a rejection of sorts from Inyourspeakers (it was accidentally double-assigned). By their rating system, I gave it a 63/100.

(Grabber) The Notlagia EP has Oberhofer dealing in slightly harsher tones and increased depth of lyricism than their chummy 2011 debut. Their sound remains one of incredibly niche appeal, but improvement is improvement. (…/grabber) Continue reading

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The (Half) Year in Music – 2013

It’s on once again, Patron once again. 2013 is half gone, and music has come out, so now seems like a good time to, briefly and without context, tell you how I felt about said music.

It’s the year of the comeback, apparently, but met with mixed results: Daft Punk; David Bowie; Iggy Pop; My Bloody Valentine; etc. Otherwise, little’s changed trend-wise since 2012. Americana’s stuck a bit further toward the back than it was last year; hip-hop-tronica is alive and well; and the post-2010 embracing of  ’90s R&B is still in full force.

Anyhow: below is a broken down list of the 2013 releases (that I’ve listened to thus far), arranged by whether or not they were “good”. There’s plenty missing from this list, most likely because I haven’t listened to it yet. Let the disagreement commence!

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Tom Wopat’s I’ve Got Your Number

Tom Wopat - I've Got Your NumberIt’s certainly been a while since I’ve posted here… So I figured I’d share with you all a rejected piece. Below is my review of Tom Wopat’s thrilling lounge album ‘I’ve Got Your Number’ – which was vetoed by TheaterMania due primarily to logistical issues which stripped the review of its timeliness (the album came out back in February). For more of what I’ve been up to, see my author page at Inyourspeakers (for whom I review two albums each week) and read The Playlist (for whom I do not write, just copy edit, but it’s certainly a site worth reading all the same). Enjoy Señor Wopat!

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Summer Camp’s Always EP

(Apricot – 6/29/2012)Summer Camp - Always EP

Some artists flirt with the idea of their music whisking the listener off to distant lands, but Summer Camp has outright demanded it. Having utilized their own brand of cynicism to break through that of the collective indie-verse with 2011’s gutsy experiment in synth-pop-meets-scorning-sentimentalism Welcome to Condale, their latest release, the Always EP, abandons the light-hearted fantasia in favor of crippling sobriety and ultimately struggles to identify with its prior independent sound.

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